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RF Venue’s Customers Drive its Success

  • Singular focus: No RF dropouts or interference, so your message is heard
  • Proven technology: Over 10,000 global installations
  • Continuous innovation: RF Venue provides equipment unique in the industry, challenging old myths and assumptions with patented products that address the biggest challenges in RF
  • Broad applicability: RF Venue products work with any brand wireless microphone or IEM system
  • Trust: RF Venue customer satisfaction score is twice as good as the average company’s. And its Net Promoter Score is +67—few companies anywhere have a better one
  • Affordability and reliability: RF Venue products usually cost the same as or less than products from other companies. Example: Two antennas can be replaced with just one RF Venue Diversity Fin antenna — superior performance at lower cost

About RF Venue

The RF Spotlight™ antenna is a low-profile floor pad antenna that enables wireless mics to function reliably in the most crowded RF environments. Perfect on stages, in hotel breakout rooms, at conventions or in churches, the RF Spotlight is effective where multiple wireless systems must inter-operate across facilities and open channels are limited.

Why do wireless mics drop-out anyway?

The RF Spotlight has an elliptically polarized element that is molded into a durable ultra thin 7mm PVC disc with a 10 foot 50 lb tensile strength rated cabled BNC Female connector lead.  The RF Spotlight may be placed under carpets or beneath wooden stages.

Operating range is determined by several factors including transmitter power, coaxial cable type and length, and nearby obstructions. Typical range at 10 mW is a diameter of 100’ and several hundred feet at 30 mW.

About the RF Spotlight Antenna

About the RF Spotlight Antenna

Product combinations 

The RF Spotlight is a Compatible with all of RF Venue’s antenna distribution systems and multi-zone antenna combiners such as the DISTRO4, DISTRO9HDR and 4Zone. It is also compatible with the RF Venue Band pass filters.


Most common questions asked:

What application is the spotlight designed for?

The Spotlight is designed to improve the performance of wireless microphones operating in crowded RF conditions

How many Spotlights are needed per receiver?

Only one spotlight is needed per receiver or distributor, though two may be used.

What do I do with the other diversity input?

We recommend you leave one of the stock dipole/whips attached.

Can I mount the spotlight on the ceiling for permanent installation?

Sure. But we’ve saved you the trouble and ported the RF Spotlight into a drop-ceiling tile form factor, which we call the CX-22.

What is the range of the RF Spotlight?

Under crowded to extremely crowded RF conditions and a transmitter power of 10mW, the Spotlight will produce a coverage circle with a radius of 50-60 feet.

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