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RF Venue’s Customers Drive its Success

  • Singular focus: No RF dropouts or interference, so your message is heard
  • Proven technology: Over 10,000 global installations
  • Continuous innovation: RF Venue provides equipment unique in the industry, challenging old myths and assumptions with patented products that address the biggest challenges in RF
  • Broad applicability: RF Venue products work with any brand wireless microphone or IEM system
  • Trust: RF Venue customer satisfaction score is twice as good as the average company’s. And its Net Promoter Score is +67—few companies anywhere have a better one
  • Affordability and reliability: RF Venue products usually cost the same as or less than products from other companies. Example: Two antennas can be replaced with just one RF Venue Diversity Fin antenna — superior performance at lower cost

About RF Venue

RF Venue essentials chosen by BNY Productions for Nikao Church

— As is its standard practice for “anything that employs wireless,” BNY Productions turned to RF Venue®, to ensure dropout-free performance at Nikao Church’s new main campus, with system components including RF Venue’s Diversity Architectural Antenna™ & DISTRO9 HDR™ Packs, CP Architectural Antenna™ & COMBINE8 Pack, Optix Series 3 RF over fiber optic extender set and inline Band-pass filters

Walpole, MA, USA, March 27, 2024 — Charlotte, North Carolina’s Nikao Church began in 2015 when a dozen individuals under the leadership of Pastor Brian Duley embarked on a mission to impact their city. Having moved to progressively larger north Charlotte locations as the church grew, in October 2023 it added a 40-acre main campus on Charlotte’s southern outskirts that includes classrooms, offices, and an auditorium capable of seating up to 1250 worshippers. “The basic structures and buildings for the south campus were there; however, they needed to do a full AVL system for the church in order hold services – this was a ground-up installation,” stated Ryan “Fig” Bonfiglio, Project Manager for Sioux City, Iowa-based BNY Productions, which designed and installed the system. BNY, in turn, looked to RF Venue, a global leader in essential RF accessories for wireless audio, to ensure the new facility’s wireless systems would be reliable and dropout-free. “BNY has been using RF Venue for pretty much anything that employs wireless,” stated Bonfiglio. “It’s not that we don’t trust the wireless system manufacturer; we just really like the quality of what RF Venue provides and knowing that we’re going to have consistent performance every time.”


Nikao Architectural_Antenna
RF Venue’s Diversity Architectural Antenna for wireless microphones and CP Architectural Antenna for wireless IEMs share a common unobtrusive, low-profile housing design that can disappear into their surroundings, as with the black Architectural Series antenna shown here (upper right)
A pair of 8-channel RF Venue COMBINE8 wireless IEM transmitters and a passive 2x1Split splitter/combiner allow all of Nikao Church’s IEM transmitters to share a single antenna
A pair of 9-channel, dual-zone RF Venue DISTRO9 HDR RF distribution systems are deployed with Nikao Church’s wireless microphone receivers


“Nikao has a large worship team, with around six or seven singers every week plus instrumentalists – two or three keyboardists, guitarists, drummer,” Bonfiglio elaborates. “They had a large IEM count need as well as vocal mic needs with all the singers and then pastor and host mics, online host mics, etc. We ended up deploying 14 Sennheiser ew-500 G4-935 wireless microphone systems and 13 Sennheiser ew-IEM G4 wireless in-ear monitoring systems. With any project that uses wireless mics, we always try to include antenna distribution or combination for optimal deployment in the field. It not only cleans up the racks and installations, but it gives us a known starting point on antenna placement and range.”


RF Venue’s CP Architectural Antenna & COMBINE8 Kit plus a second COMBINE8 8-channel IEM transmitter combiner and a passive 2x1Split splitter/combiner allow all of Nikao Church’s IEM transmitter RF outputs to be combined to feed a single antenna for transmission to the IEM receivers. As a bonus, says Bonfiglio, as it folds the performance of the renowned RF Venue circularly-polarized CP Beam Antenna into an unobtrusive low-profile housing, the CP Architectural Antenna “provides a clean install look that matches the wall color.”


BNY had the challenge at Nikao Church of having two zones of mics being used on the stage for the service while also having mics in the lobby and outside the front of the church for pre- and post-service programming. The lobby/entrance area being too far from the microphone receiver racks to run coaxial cabling without unacceptable signal attenuation, RF Venue’s Optix Series 3 two-channel RF over fiber optic system was used to convert the electrical antenna outputs to light waves and then back again at the receiving end (the optical signal can be run for miles without degradation). Two RF Venue Diversity Architectural Antenna & DISTRO9 HDR Packs were deployed to provide wireless mic signal reception and distribution. Each Diversity Architectural Antenna provides the patented cross-polarized, true diversity reception of RF Venue’s Diversity Fin Antenna in a compact housing with the same near-invisible appearance as the CP Architectural Antenna. An RF Venue inline band-pass filter on each antenna output suppresses RF noise outside of the operating band of the wireless microphones to improve the signal-to-noise of the antenna signal delivered to the dual-zone, 9-channel DISTRO9 HDR antenna distribution amplifiers. The two DISTRO9s then deliver both the antenna outputs and DC power to the wireless microphone receivers (no wall warts!). “The church loves the ability that they have to freely move around the building and have their team be flexible on where they are placed without restrictions on coverage,” commented Bonfiglio. “With the band-pass filters in line as well, they get good clean signals from both antennas without adding extraneous noise into the system.”

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