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A New Chapter Opens for the RF Venue Blog

subway stop

The official RF Venue blog has a new name: Audio Gloss.

The name is different, but our commitment to writing accurately about interesting things from all over the audio industry - especially the wireless audio industry - remains the same.

The name “Audio Gloss” comes from the medieval use of “gloss” as “an explanation, interpretation, or paraphrase” of a written text.

We do our best to collect scattered knowledge into one place, and explain, or “gloss,” the more technical topics in entertaining ways.

There are some design changes, too. The text is easier to read, the layout prettier and more responsive, and photographs gigantic, like this one:


We’re placing our current blog subscribers into a weekly email roundup of recent stories. No more instant or daily notifications. You can join the list on the top right of the upper navbar if you aren’t already subscribed.

Once the New Year has come and gone there will be a rush of exciting articles and videos. If you love pro audio and wireless audio tech, you’ve come to the right place.

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