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The Diversity Fin Goes Ice Climbing

Earlier this year, cinematographer, sound recordist, and extremophile Pablo Durana took our Diversity Fin antenna where few antennas have gone before: upside down. He was working a forthcoming adventure film produced by Reelwater Productions for Red Bull, which according to Pablo will document "what is arguably the hardest mixed ice climbing route ever done." 




The route snakes up along the ferocious undercut of Helmcken Falls, in British Columbia. In the photo below, one of the climbers is visible on the left rock face, as a tiny red dot. You might have to click the photo to see!

The Diversity Fin allowed Pablo to achieve both directional coverage and excellent diversity reception in a package slim, light, and durable enough to complement his expedition kit. 

Make sure to check out Pablo's other work at www.PabloDurana.com, and follow his adventures on Instagram and Twiiter @pablo_durana. 




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