A Clearer Class of Wireless Audio.

Reduce or eliminate dropouts & interference on any wireless mic, intercom, or IEM.

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Born in the laboratory, refined in the field. Our antennas are the simplest and most powerful way to improve wireless system performance.

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Distribution Equipment

Our distribution products make channel management more reliable, antenna distribution easier, and RF integration cost effective.

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More than 400 international dealers, integrators, and live sound companies trust RF Venue equipment on projects where wireless needs to work.

Since 2009, RF Venue's designs have made wireless audio systems of all sizes and configurations work better.

We have introduced innovations never seen before, and adapted technology common to the broadcast and telecommunications industries to the A/V world at affordable price points.

Both seasoned audio engineers and mainstream wireless users get better reception with RF Venue accessories, without breaking the bank.

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Signal Dropouts

Nothing is worse than audio dropouts during a live event. Audiences gasp, performers stutter, and after the show, technicians' heads may roll.

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Radio spectrum is a finite resource. Governments are repurposing spectrum by selling to the highest private bidder while more & more unlicensed wireless devices pile into the remaining unlicensed frequencies every day.

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