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RF Venue’s Customers Drive its Success

  • Singular focus: No RF dropouts or interference, so your message is heard
  • Proven technology: Over 10,000 global installations
  • Continuous innovation: RF Venue provides equipment unique in the industry, challenging old myths and assumptions with patented products that address the biggest challenges in RF
  • Broad applicability: RF Venue products work with any brand wireless microphone or IEM system
  • Trust: RF Venue customer satisfaction score is twice as good as the average company’s. And its Net Promoter Score is +67—few companies anywhere have a better one
  • Affordability and reliability: RF Venue products usually cost the same as or less than products from other companies. Example: Two antennas can be replaced with just one RF Venue Diversity Fin antenna — superior performance at lower cost

About RF Venue

Stories from the Field

Case Studies and Testimonials


Nikao Church Case Study

RF Venue essentials chosen by BNY Productions for Nikao Church read more
HoW Install

Out of sight and out of mind

RF Venue Architectural Antenna duo deliver invisible performance for wireless mics and IEMs read more

RF Venue essential accessories selected by leading live sound professionals

read more
ScarlettOhara Racks-Front

Best-Tronics Touring Case Study

Best-Tronics relies on RF Venue essential wireless audio accessories for major touring acts  read more

New Orleans Saints Case Study

The Sound Source relies on RF Venue essential RF accessories to keep the New Orleans Saints and Pelicans games immersed in music

read more

Cathedral of St. Joseph, Hartford Case Study

RF Venue essential accessories address wireless dropout challenges at Hartford’s Cathedral of St. Joseph

read more

New England First Robotics Case Study

New England First Robotics chooses RF Venue’s 4 Channel Wireless Microphone Upgrade Pack for regional high school competitions read more
Strawberry Sound

Strawberry Sound Queenstown Case Study

Strawberry Sound installs RF Venue’s Diversity Architectural Antenna at the DFS Galleria in downtown Queenstown, New Zealand read more
Diversity Architectural Antenna-Wood Panel

CueBlue School Case Study

RF Venue Diversity Architectural Antenna chosen for school facilities in Lumberton, Texas read more

Harry Potter Yule Ball Case Study

RF Venue Wireless Audio Essential Accessories Chosen for Harry Potter: A Yule Ball Celebration in Houston  read more

Water Country Water Park Case Study

RF Venue antennas employed at Water Country Water Park in Portsmouth,
New Hampshire
read more
D-ARC best image_500

Mastermind Diversity Architectural Antenna Case Study

Mastermind Production Group Inc. chooses RF Venue Diversity Architectural Antenna to solve wireless issue for Congregation B’nai Israel

read more

UPUMC Case Study

RF Venue’s new Diversity Architectural Antennas and 4 ZONE combiner employed at University Park United Methodist Church read more
Snowshoe Mountain Case Study

Snowshoe Mountain Case Study

Wireless signals have nowhere to hide on Snowshoe Mountain thanks to RF Venue

read more

In Concert Productions Case Study

In Concert Productions relies on RF Venue components for a variety of TV programs

read more

Rattletrap Case Study

RF Venue CP Beam antennas chosen for Rattletrap vintage hot rod event, Down Under in New South Wales

read more
St Nicholas

Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church Case Study

RF Venue wireless audio essentials chosen for the reopening of the Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church at Ground Zero

read more

Burning Hills Amphitheatre Case Study

RF Venue components keep the legendary Medora Musical live and kicking at North Dakota’s Burning Hills Amphitheatre

read more

The Church For All Nations Case Study

The Church For All Nations solves wireless challenges with components from RF Venue

read more

Prestonwood Baptist Church Case Study

RF Venue smooths out the challenging wireless environment for Prestonwood Baptist Church’s massive holiday productions

read more
Most_Holy_Trinity_Catholic_Church_2000 (1)

Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church & Magnolia AV Solutions Case Study

RF Venue wireless microphone accessories help Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church prepare for a dropout-free future

read more

Simpsonville Arts Center Case Study

RF Venue gives the newly renovated Simpsonville Arts Center a reliable wireless backbone

read more
Brookstown-DFin-2 copy1500 copy

CiAV/Brookstown Church Case Study

RF Venue Systems Chosen for Brookstown United Methodist Church

read more
Urban Electra-individual-stages

Urban Electra Case Study

RF Venue components employed for showstopping electric string quartet Urban Electra

read more

Newcastle Casino Case Study

Newcastle Casino Keeps Patrons Connected with Seamless Sound Thanks to RF Venue Antenna and Distribution Technology

read more

"The Special Event"

The RF Spotlight Antenna from RF Venue improves wireless reliability in a crowded RF spectrum for “The Special Event”

read more
Frequency_Productions_Diversity_Fin 1500

Frequency Productions Case Study

Frequency Productions Finds RF Venue’s Diversity Fin Antenna the Magic Bullet for a Challenging Wireless Educational and Training Space

read more

Triton Technology

Triton Technology Relies on RF Venue Solutions for Wireless Audio Customers from Houses of Worship to Softball Stadiums

read more

Coral Canopy Case Study

Combining Multiple RF Venue Antennas Keeps Wireless Audio on the air for Unique Bay-Area Event Space, Family Farm

read more
Geno Mulcahy

The Most Important Part of any Church Production Live Stream is Audio.

Learn how a fast-growing, multi-site church improved audio quality while speeding set-up for its portable campuses.

read more

Church Service Streaming Ups Ante for WirelessMicrophone Systems

Church Service Streaming Ups Ante for WirelessMicrophone Systems

"We stream to 9 locations and online, if the word isn’t heard it's game over."

read more

Making Multi-Zone Wireless MicSystems Work

Making Multi-Zone Wireless MicSystems Work

A well-engineered multi-zone wireless microphone system at the newly renovated Cathedral of the Holy Cross

read more

The Diversity Fin Goes Ice Climbing

The Diversity Fin Goes Ice Climbing

Cinematographer, sound recordist, and extremophile Pablo Durana took our Diversity Fin antenna where few antennas have gone before

read more

Blue Angels Take Flight with RF Venueand In Concert Productions

Blue Angels Take Flight with RF Venueand In Concert Productions

A bulletproof road kit that could withstand the rigors of outdoor environments and wirelessly congested airbases

read more


Contemporary NORTHchurch.tv Improves Wireless with Antenna Distribution

This isn’t the first time we’ve stressed just how important antenna distribution is for high performing multi channel wireless microphone and in-ear monitor systems.

read more


Talking Church Installs with Summit Integrated Systems

Complications become exponentially greater, especially when working at larger venues

read more


Ariel Ramos: High Stakes RF in Santo Domingo

“After completing high school I did one year of marketing and an extra year of computer sciences, but then decided that audio was the way for me to go.”

read more


A Month Until The Big Game: Prepping RF with Ben Stowe

Got a big RF gig coming up and worried about how you'll handle the spectrum and all those frequencies?

read more


One man, a Guitar, and Chewie: Ed Sheeran’s RF Tech Dave White on the Perils of Worldwide Touring

A complex stage rig and multi-channel RF setup

read more


Talking Strategy with Cody Heimann of nashville's open channel coordination services

“I'm involved with several large annual conferences, where it's not uncommon to have roughly 200 channels of RF, all within close proximity."

read more


From Modest Roots to Stages Worldwide: Navigating the Waters with MercyMe’s Daniel Martin

“I met MercyMe in 1996 when they were in town doing a concert at our church."

read more


All Systems Go: Upkeep with the NFL's Ryan Stotts

If you've installed any wireless system, you know the actual installation is only half the battle.

read more


On Set with Chris Howland, LA’s Sound Mixer

Chris Howland, one of the busiest sound mixers in Los Angeles today

read more


Bernie Beaudry: “The Definition of Tough”

My main focus is location sound. I wear a sound bag and carry a boom, and have wireless, and so on. I’ve been doing that longer than sports A2 and utility.

read more


On the Road With Skillet, from Paris to Moscow

Skillet’s tour zigzagged across the European subcontinent over a total of 22 gigs

read more


RF Distribution for Metallica’s Ambitious, Explosive, Crowd-Swooping Super Bowl "The Night Before" Show

Metallica’s shows requires heavy use of RF, and their literally explosive and high-voltage stage machinery devastates whatever quality remains after they coordinate freqs.

read more


At INBOUND15, Our Two Worlds Collide

At INBOUND15 there were two main areas where production companies worked

read more


An In-Depth Look at Wireless Audio for The Public Theater’s Free Shakespeare in the Park

This May, Shakespeare in the Park opened with a six week run of The Tempest, and continues July 23rd through August 23rd with Cymbeline

read more


Jason Glass Talks Wireless for the 2015 CMA Music Festival

It solved a lot of the RF challenges that come with large-scale festivals

read more


RF Venue Antennas Support Times Square Musical Festival

Antennas formed the backbone for a dozen delay towers at the CBGB music festival

read more


Integrating in the Shadow of Mt. Wilson: Or, Integrating in the Shadow of Mt. Doom

"It would work one day, and then stop working the next.”

read more

RF Dropout can ruin any production and cause technical teams headaches. We recommend RF Venue products for medium to large scale wireless projects. They are solid, reliable, reduce drop out and instill confidence working with wireless systems. Andrew Sorrill
RF Venue products work! The Diversity Fin Antenna works with any brand and any model microphone system. Mathew Morgan, Concert Audio
When a company is so focused that they specialize, their products have to be great for them to stay in business. RF Venue does reception, distribution, power and frequency analysis better than any other brand. Their products work perfectly every time.  Randy Saddler, Shelbyville Records Shop
The Diversity Fin Antenna allows us to handle the most challenging, unique and interesting wireless projects. It enables us to assure our clients reliable sound quality so they can put on a rock solid show. Ross Goldman, Event Wave
We recommend and design systems using RF Venue products because they offer performance and cost. Their products make our design installations easy to deploy and perform spectacularly. Customers are always happy, whether it is a specialized antenna solution or or simply a basic antenna distribution. Gil Parente, AVNew
RF Venue is my preferred brand. With every installation, I have found their products to work better than any other. Calvin Williams, AV1
The Diversity Fin solves drop out and interference problems typical of wireless audio equipment. This well priced and unique product has functions unavailable in other brands. Chris Rettger, Electrisound
On a daily basis, we deploy RF systems that range from a few to large channel count systems. We offer products from all of the top RF manufacturers, RF Venue offers simple but robust solutions that takes the guesswork out of the equation. Eugene Mulcahy, The Music People
RF Venue products are thoughtfully engineered to solve RF problems across all brands and product platforms. This is a rare and valuable product line approach. Edward Vigueira, PSX Innovative Technology Solutions
We often include RF Venue products in system designs. The ingenious design of the Diversity Fin antenna offers unidirectional and omnidirectional receive circuits in one compact device. It is useful on soundstages/film shoots where antenna placement may be less than ideal.  Drew Curtis, Telesonix
Whether we are using mics or IEMs we never have issues. The Diversity Fin provides seamless reception no matter what the orientation of the mic is. John Moore, Trinity Productions
We started with RF Venue because we wanted the best in wireless antennas. We sell Rf Venue to all our wireless customers. Doug Secor, Rockin Robin Productions
We recommend RF Venue to customers, their products are built with quality and deliver clean RF frequencies to microphones and IEM's we install and provide. With RF Venue, I am confident in using wireless products. Dropouts are near zero for large corporate events using 30 or more wireless units. Gary McAnelly, Creative AVL Solutions
The Diversity Fin Antenna is simply the best all around solution for multiple wireless mic setups. Greg Ball, Ball Electronics