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Wireless Audio Performance Tools

Check your performance, build your system
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Smarter design and effortless installation with RF Venue

With increasingly challenging RF environments and more devices competing for less spectrum, ensure every wireless mic is set up properly before deployment with the Performance Calculator.
Wireless Performance Calculator


Wireless Performance Calculator analyzes antennas, cable runs, and other system elements to check overall system performance.

Design wireless systems with RF Venue in minutes not hours

Wireless System Builder makes adding RF Venue accessories to your existing wireless mics/IEMs simple and fast. Add new mics/IEMs by selecting the most suitable models for your location using a daily-updated FCC database connection driven by a proprietary engine. 

RF Venue Wireless System Builder Screenshot

Build your system with RF Venue essentials

WirelessSystemBuilder.com takes the guesswork out of accessory selection for existing and new gear by displaying a compatible list of RF Venue antennas, distros, and IEM combiners.
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