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How to Connect 81 Channels of Wireless Mics with the DISTRO9 HDR

81 Channels

The new RF Venue DISTRO9 HDR can configure large wireless mic systems. 

When using a "master" unit to feed additional DISTRO9s up to 81 channels are available for mic receivers.  

We've received a lot of questions around "why 9 channels"?  The answer is the unique divide by three design of the DISTRO9 HDR.


DISTR09 chart 1

The DISTRO9 HDR eliminates multiple amplifier stages commonly used in antenna distribution systems that all divide by two.  This has a significant impact on the performance of a wireless mic system by reducing the noise floor and providing high dynamic range.  Less noise, less intermod, and better overall system performance is the result.


A new DC Power Cable Kit is now shipping for the DISTRO9 HDR.  This cable connects to the  robust internal power supply of the DISTRO9 via an anderson powerpole connector and can distribute power to 8 wireless receivers using industry standard DC connectors compatible across brands. 




We'll be covering more details on the DISTRO9 HDR in future posts so stay tuned!

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