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RF Venue’s Don Boomer to host InfoComm 2022 Education Session “Avoiding Wireless Mic Dropouts”

With changes and continuous limitations to the wireless spectrum, it's getting harder to maintain reliable microphone and in ear monitor (IEM) performance. InfoComm 2022 exhibitor RF Venue (booth W1139), a leading global manufacturer of antenna and RF communications products, will host the InfoComm education session “Avoiding Wireless Mic Dropouts” on Thursday, June 9, 2022, from 3-3:30PM CDT ...

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Triton Technology Relies on RF Venue Solutions for Wireless Audio Customers from Houses of Worship to Softball Stadiums

St. Edmunds Church in San Marino, California, and the Colonel Bill Barber Marine Corps Memorial Park in Irvine both had RF coverage problems with wireless microphone systems, and both benefited from RF Venue’s Diversity Fin Antennas, with the RF Venue DISTRO4 RF distribution amplifier servicing St. Edmunds’ multiple receivers. Ashland, MA, USA, February 9, 2022 — When someone ...

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Combining Multiple RF Venue Antennas Keeps Wireless Audio on the air for Unique Bay-Area Event Space, Family Farm

Ashland, MA, USA, January 20, 2022 — The Family Farm is the secluded performance venue of the Family, a 120-year-old fraternal organization based in San Francisco. The Family sponsors charities and organizes benefits and other events, most notably its annual “Flight Play,” written and performed by club members. Those performances take place at the Family Farm venue, on the outskirts of Palo ...

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What's the Most Important Part of any Church Production Live Stream?

By Brian Blackmore The Answer is Audio. Learn how a fast-growing, multi-site church improved audio quality while speeding set-up ...

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RF Venue Announces the Release of the Diversity Omni™ Antenna

All-new antenna is perfectly suited for multi-zone projects for omnidirectional coverage of any manufacturer’s wireless microphones, eliminating the most common signal dropouts  

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Check Your Wireless Mic's Performance

To ensure reliable performance for any wireless mic system you should perform a Link Budget calculation.  The Link Budget will give you a very good indication that the signal from your ...

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