eBook | RF Over Fiber Basics  for Entertainment Production Wireless Audio

There is no shortage of information on RF over fiber-optic converters (RFoF) for data and telecommunications applications.

But a thorough and easy to understand paper on RFoF for wireless audio, specifically, has been lacking, despite the explosion in interest and use of RFoF converters like the OPTIX for wireless microphones, in-ear monitors, IFBs, and distributed antenna systems (DAS).

Here, Senior RF Designs/Project Manager at CP Communications, Henry Cohen, describes both the fundamental parts of an RFoF system, as well as four critical concepts and rules for correct RFoF deployments:

  • Aggregate RF Power
  • RFoF Noise Figure (NF)
  • Fiber-Optic Strand Direction
  • Operational Optical Wavelength

All concepts are thoroughly illustrated, and additional best practices and further resources are discussed.