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IMPORTANT: In order to run Vantage 2.0, the Silicon Labs USB driver must be downloaded and installed on your Mac before running Vantage.  You must then authorize the driver.  Go to System Preferences>Security & Privacy>General and click on the Authorize button.  This must be done in 30 minutes or the driver will need to be removed and reinstalled for the button to appear.  Then reboot for the driver to become active.

Download Driver

Note: The latest version of the driver is Version 5 dated April 1 2019.

Follow these steps to ensure Vantage and RF Explorer communicate:

  1. While disconnected from Mac, navigate your RF Explorer to the Configuration screen and confirm that the USB Baudrate is set to 500 Kbps, not 2.4 Kbps.
  2. Power down the RF Explorer.
  3. While powered down, connect the RF Explorer to the Mac. Leave the RF Explorer powered down. The unit will turn on automatically and start scanning using whichever module you've previously selected on the RF Explorer Frequency Menu. You can change this Module prior to connecting to Vantage, but not while running the application. 
  4. With the RF Explorer connected and the power button set to "off," launch Vantage.

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