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RF Spectrum Software

Monitor and Manage RF Spectrum Activity on Mac OSX and Online

Visualizing the RF spectrum has never been more critical

Troubleshooting RF signal dropouts and interference can be a maddening experience.  Simply relying on RF meters on a wireless microphone receiver is not enough in today's increasingly crowded RF environment.

RF spectrum analyzers have become a must-have tool for pro audio wireless operators.  Connecting a spectrum analyzer to your wireless signal chain can allow you to troubleshoot noise, dropouts, and interference by giving you a complete picture of operating conditions. 

To see exactly what a wireless microphone system is seeing, connect your spectrum analyzer to a spare output on your antenna distributor or patch in your remote antennas.

For remote signal analysis and monitoring, WaveTower provides a unique capability into the RF spectrum by enabling near-realtime and historical spectrum data via the web.

Learn more about RF Venue's spectrum analysis software systems at the links below:


Vantage for Mac OSX
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