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Getting Started with Vantage

Check these steps when setting up Vantage


1.     Is your RF Explorer® using the correct firmware version? Version 1.12B24-1.18 are the most reliable versions. Note Vantage is not yet compatible with firmware version 1.23.  You can download device firmware, along with the Mac OSX firmware upgrader tool here.   

2.     Is the driver installed properly? Before opening Vantage, you must have the Silicon Labs driver installed. (MacOS High Sierra 10.13 introduces a new feature that requires user approval before loading new third-party kernel extensions. Click here for help.Click here to install the driver.  This download is unzipped and mounted to your hard drive—for a step-by-step tutorial of this process, please watch the beginning of installation video.

3.     Checkout the setup and instructional videos below!

How to Install Vantage

  • Before installing Vantage, make sure to download, install, and mount the Silicon Labs driver
  • Download Vantage
  • Drag Vantage icon to applications
  • Double click icon to open Vantage
  • Make sure the RF Explorer is disconnected from the computer
  • On the RF Explorer:
    • Confirm that your RF Explorer firmware is 1.09 or above
    • Set baud rate to 500 Kbps
    • Select proper frequency
  • Turn RF Explorer off
  • Make sure that Vantage is closed
  • Connect RF Explorer to the computer
    • RF Explorer will power on
  • Launch Vantage
    • RF Explorer screen will go blank and remain off while using Vantage

Video instructions coming soon.

How to Use Vantage

(Instructions and Features)

How to Use Vantage


Using Vantage with WWB

(details workflow integration with Shure Wireless Workbench®)

Vantage with Shure WWB

Frequently Asked


Can I use Vantage on my Windows PC?

Vantage is compatible with Mac OS 10.10 and above, and is not compatible with Windows.

What RF Explorer models is Vantage compatible with?

Every RF Explorer handheld spectrum analyzer is compatible with Vantage, as well as the rack-mounted RF Explorer RackPRO. Please Note: Current version of Vantage is not compatible with the new WSUB1G+ (Plus Version)

Where is the manual for Vantage?

All instructions for installing and operating Vantage are in video form. Vantage Support

What frequency range is Vantage capable of scanning?

The frequency range (bandwidth) of Vantage is determined by the model RF Explorer connected to your mac. For example, using Vantage with the RF Explorer WSUB1G allows scans between 240-960 MHz. Using a RF Explorer 3G will allow scanning between 15-2700 MHz. The 6G model scans as high as 6.10 GHz.

Does Vantage come included with the RF Explorer RackPRO?

No, it does not. Users need to purchase Vantage separately for use with the RF Explorer RackPRO.

Does Vantage export files for use with third party coordination programs?

Yes. CSV files compatible with Shure's Wireless Workbench®, Professional Wireless Systems IAS®, and Sennheiser Wireless System Manager® are all supported. Make sure to check out video #3 (http://www.rfvenue.com/vantage-support#Vantage-Instructional-Videos)!

Do you offer educational, religious, or bulk discounts?

We offer a ten-pack license discount which can be selected at checkout. Sorry, no educational or religious institution discounts.

What versions of Mac OS is VANTAGE compatible with?

Vantage works with Mac OS 10.10.x (Yosemite) and 10.11.x (El Capitan). Vantage will NOT work with 10.9 or earlier.

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