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RF spectrum analysis and frequency monitoring software for RF Explorer® and Mac OSX


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Vantage is now WaveTower® for Mac!

January 2020 - Vantage has been upgraded and re-branded into part of the WaveTower web-based spectrum monitoring and management system!  WaveTower for Mac brings a host of new features and capabilities, including sending scan data to the WaveTower web application, frequency coordination, single login for application authentication on the web or desktop, and more...

Current Vantage users with paid licenses are grandfathered in to WaveTower Premium for 1 Year

14 Day Free Trial - Try It Now


RF Explorer Pro Audio Edition Vantage 1

Live RF Scanning


Optimized for the RF Explorer Pro Audio Edition spectrum analyzer, WaveTower for Mac delivers fast, real-time spectrum scans.  All changes can be made on-the-fly, without starting or stopping the connection. Launch WaveTower for mac and you're immediately scanning, no session setup or learning curve.

WaveTower will also auto-save your scan ranges for quick recall in the scan dropdown menu.



Export Scan Data in CSV


WaveTower for Mac supports CSV data file exports to industry leading frequency coordination programs including

  • Shure Wireless Workbench®
  • Sennheiser® Wireless System Manager
  • Professional Wireless Systems' Intermodulation Analysis System®  
  • Export max hold, average hold, and other time-based scans to capture intermittent interference



Monitor Mode


Manually input or import wireless equipment inventory to populate frequencies in the Monitor table. Set a dropout threshold and get a live view of signal levels across your wireless system at a glance.  A marker and label is placed at each frequency location along with a red or green status against the dropout threshold.    

Monitor mode works especially well on a dedicated secondary display during a show. With WaveTower running you can keep an eye out for interference and signal dropouts before they wreak havoc on your wireless system.

Use Monitor mode pre-show to walk test wireless mics and IEMs to fine tune remote antenna placement, setting RF power levels or other system configurations.  

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