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RF Explorer® Pro Audio and REMOTE Spectrum Analyzer Bundle

Ultimate RF Spectrum Analyzer Bundle for Wireless Pro Audio *Bundle and Save $100*

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This exclusive bundle features the handheld RF Explorer® Pro Audio Edition handheld spectrum analyzer and the Pro Audio REMOTE web-based spectrum analyzer. These tools are a must-have for anyone working with wireless microphones or IEMs in today’s challenging RF spectrum conditions. The RF Explorer® Pro Audio REMOTE is a networkable RF spectrum analyzer designed to remotely monitor and manage wireless microphone and IEM system operating conditions. As more devices and interference sources threaten wireless audio system reliability, the Pro Audio REMOTE allows you to stay ahead of changing conditions and access system performance at the venue when on-site service calls or troubleshooting are not possible. The handheld Pro Audio Edition spectrum analyzer has become the standard for real time monitoring of spectrum conditions on-site and should be in every audio technician’s bag for system installation, testing, and troubleshooting.

Scanning a broad range of spectrum across 15-2700 MHz, both the RF Explorer Pro Audio REMOTE and handheld USB spectrum analyzers connect to RF Venue's patented WaveTower® suite of software tools to enable both remote and on site surveys, RF system monitoring, and managed services for professional wireless audio systems. Offline spectrum recording capability allows the Pro Audio REMOTE to capture spectrum data to USB local storage for later retrieval. The handheld spectrum analyzers is a must have tool for checking spectrum conditions onsite, monitoring RF activity during shows, and commissioning wireless installs. Easily customized presets and WiFi analyzer mode on the handheld Pro Audio Edition spectrum analyzer make it easy to get up and running with onsite spectrum analysis.

- Eliminate travel and access any installation from anywhere in the world with the Pro Audio REMOTE

- Manage wireless microphones and IEM inventory and frequency settings in the cloud

- Quickly survey RF spectrum conditions onsite with the RF Explorer Pro Audio handheld spectrum analyzer

- Evaluate Wi-Fi channel activity at a glance the Pro Audio Edition

- Max and average hold settings capture intermittent sources of interference

- Clearly identify optimal white space and avoid active frequencies

- Export CSV scan data for import in popular frequency coordination software such as Shure® Wireless Workbench, Audio-Technica® Wireless Manager, Sennheiser® Wireless System Manager, Professional Wireless Systems IAS, and more. 

WaveTower software license sold separately - CLICK HERE for details


Scan Range: 15-2700 MHz

Resolution Bandwidth: 25 KHz

RF Input: BNC-Female

USB Port

Sensitivity - 120 dBm

Max RF Input Power + 30 dBm

Dimensions: 136 L x 102 W x 54 H (mm)

Weight: 1 kg

Power: Micro USB Port 5V

Battery: USB Rechargeable Battery in the Pro Audio Edition handheld spectrum analyzer

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