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FM Antenna - Car Mount

Improve RF reception for drive-in worship and live music performances broadcast over FM

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This easy-to-use, car-top mountable antenna,
gives you the flexibility to use your own cable and
eliminate the stand. Using a suction-cup mount
places the antenna close to the cars receiving the
signal (instead of on the transmitter) allowing you to
move it out into the parking lot where it is needed
The RF Venue FM Car Mount Antenna features very
low SWR over the entire FM band for maximum
efficiency and uses the vehicle itself as a ground
plane that preserves bandwidth. The antenna is
rated for up to 100W continuous operation and is
weather resistant but not for permanent outdoor



Radiation pattern: omnidirectional

Polarization: vertical

Impedance: 50-75 Ohms

Frequency Range: 88-108 MHz

Typical VSWR: 1.5:1 (tunable)

Typical Return Loss: -17dB

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