Today we have released a free update to Vantage, our popular RF spectrum monitoring and management software for Mac OSX (Vantage is not compatible with Windows) and the RF Explorer series of spectrum analyzers. Including:


Compatibility with all RF Explorer firmware versions


Save Sessions - you can now save multiple profiles and load them


Save Frequency Ranges - auto-saves your last 8 scan ranges for easy recall


Export to WSM - now supports Sennheiser Wireless System Manager® format


User Interface Updates


For current users, next time you launch Vantage you will be prompted to update, or you can find Check for Updates in the Vantage menu. We now have a lot of momentum happening on feature updates to Vantage and are excited by what we have coming, so you can expect much more regular updates going forward.


Not running Vantage yet for your wireless projects?

Download a free 14 day trial of Vantage here.


[Trial period expired? Just get in touch with us and we'll take care of you.]


Please note that the RF Explorer team has just released a new firmware update tool designed for Mac OSX users. You can download the tool and upgrade your handheld RF Explorer to the latest firmware here.




Chris Regan

RF Venue, Inc.