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Using Vantage with Shure® Wireless Workbench®


This brief video shows how Vantage, RF Venue’s Mac OS X* software for RF Explorer spectrum analyzers, can be used with Shure® Wireless Workbench® in a professional live production scenario to do some very useful things.

*Vantage is not compatible with Windows.



We worked closely with Richard Stockton, a freelancer on a corporate gig with FOH Productions, to get screen recordings of Richard’s computer while he was setting up wireless at the show, switching back and forth between Vantage and Wireless Workbench.

This video shows you how to import wideband scans from Vantage into Workbench, how to perform IMD calculations within Workbench using Vantage scan data, and even a trick Richard has been using in conjunction with manual war-gaming.

Equipment used on the show included Shure UHF-R on the main stage, Shure QLX-D in the breakout rooms, and a mix of Radio Active Designs UV-1G and Tempest intercoms for the crew.

If you’re already using Wireless Workbench to network and/or coordinate your Shure brand wireless audio equipment, using Vantage in tandem with Workbench can allow you to do some things you would not be able to do with Workbench alone.

You can scan as wide as you want with Vantage + RF Explorer, and then import that scan into Workbench as you would from any other analyzer. (If you’re using a networked Shure receiver you are limited to the bandwidth of that receiver: J3, G5, H5, etc)
And since the refresh rate and resolution of Vantage’s interpretation of live RF Explorer data is so fine, you can use Vantage to zoom in on small portions of the spectrum to examine them. There may even be a way to tune cavity filters using RF Explorer + Vantage (forthcoming post!)

If you’ve never done any sort of software coordination whatsoever, using an RF Explorer as the spectrum analyzer for Vantage alongside Wireless Workbench is a very economical way to get into the game without losing out on some necessary features. Wireless Workbench is free. Vantage is $99, and RF Explorers, depending on the module, range from $100 to as high as $400.

Take a closer look and download a free 14 day trial for Vantage at the following link:



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