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Audio Gloss Comments Are Now Live


Yes, after much fumbling and tinkering, comments, in the form of a Disqus plugin, have returned to the bottom of every post on this blog.

We used to have comments on the old system, but then we entered an autocratic period when there were no comments, and no opportunities for you, the people, to express diverse opinions on wireless audio.

Now you can say whatever you want, however frivolous, however vain; I have the moderator settings set to as low as they can possibly be, and you can comment anonymously as a guest.

In all seriousness, actually, we decided to return comments because in the past we have had valuable contributions from generous experts, as well as genuinely useful observations from all sorts of audio professionals, even if they contradict or correct what we're saying.

That’s something we want to cultivate.

As is our policy at RF Venue, we prefer collaboration and open lines of communication over competition and one-way, top-down control.

So comments there are!

For the people!


[UPDATE: We've discovered that if you are arriving on Audio Gloss via our weekly email, comments will not show up. Simply refresh the page, and they will.]

Leading moshing imagery courtesy Goth Eric. Thanks Eric.

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