Vantage Spectrum Analysis Software Support Hub

Fast, straightforward resources to install and use Vantage on your Mac.

Instructional Videos

Trouble getting Vantage to work?
 These three quick checks resolve 95% of problems:

  1. Is your RF Explorer® using the correct firmware version? Version 1.12B24 and above are the most reliable versions. The newest firmware available for the RF Explorer handheld spectrum analyzers is 1.18. You can download the newest firmware, along with the Mac OSX firmware upgrader tool here.

  2. Is the driver installed properly? Before opening Vantage, you must have the Silicon Labs driver installed. Click here to install the driver. This download is unzipped and mounted to your hard drive—for a step-by-step tutorial of this process, please watch the beginning of instructional video #1.

  3. Have you watched the instructional video manuals? Nearly all questions are answered by watching this brief explainer video (#2). Other questions, including a step-by-step installation walkthrough are answered by videos #1 and #3. Vantage does not have a written manual.

Instructional Videos

#1: How to Install Vantage:

#2: How to Use Vantage
(Instructions and features)

#3: Case-Study:  
Using Vantage in the Real World
(and integration with Shure Wireless Workbench®)


What versions of Mac OS is VANTAGE compatible with? 
Vantage works with Mac OS 10.10.x (Yosemite) and 10.11.x (El Capitan). Vantage will NOT work with 10.9 or earlier.

What RF Explorer models is Vantage compatible with?
Every RF Explorer handheld spectrum analyzer is compatible with Vantage, as well as the rack-mounted RF Explorer RackPRO

Where is the manual for Vantage?
All instructions for installing and operating Vantage are in video form.

What frequency range is Vantage capable of scanning? 
The frequency range (bandwidth) of Vantage is determined by the model RF Explorer connected to your mac. For example, using Vantage with the RF Explorer WSUB1G allows scans between 240-960 MHz. Using a RF Explorer 3G will allow scanning between 15-2700 MHz. The 6G model scans as high as 6.10 GHz. 

Does Vantage come included with the RF Explorer RackPRO? 
No, it does not. Users need to purchase Vantage separately for use with the RF Explorer RackPRO. 

Does Vantage export files for use with third party coordination programs?
Yes. CSV files compatible with Shure's Wireless Workbench®, Professional Wireless Systems IAS®, and Sennheiser Wireless System Manager® are all supported. Make sure to check out video #3!

Do you offer educational, religious, or bulk discounts?
We offer a ten-pack license discount which can be selected at checkout.  Sorry, no educational or religious institution discounts.

Make sure to follow these steps to ensure Vantage
and your RF Explorer communicate:

  1. While disconnected from your Mac, navigate your RF Explorer to the configuration screen and confirm that the USB Baudrate is set to 500 Kbps, not 2.4 Kbps.
  2. Power down the RF Explorer.
  3. While powered down, connect the RF Explorer to the Mac. Leave the RF Explorer powered down. The unit will turn on automatically and start scanning using whichever module you've previously selected on the RF Explorer Frequency Menu. You can change this Module prior to connecting to Vantage, but not while running the application.
  4. With the RF Explorer connected and the power button set to "off," launch Vantage.

Still not working?
Not. A. Problem.